Meet the Zumba booty belt!

I was rather skeptical about Zumba Fitness for Wii at first, since its maker, Majesco, didn’t do so well with Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009.  But after some positive reviews from Amazon and from commenters on this blog (Thank You!!  I love getting feedback!), I went for it.  I’ve only done a couple of songs so far, but I am liking it!  I’ll do a longer review later on, but for now, I’m just going to talk about the game’s included “booty belt”.

(I know, I’m already behind on reviewing Gold’s Gym Dance Workout, which I also enjoy, and Dance On Broadway is also waiting in the wings, and Just Dance 2 is looking good, and…maybe I’ll just put up a multi-game review comparing them all, how’s that sound?)

But back to Booty Belt, a unique new Wii accessory for a console that may be the most accessorized of all time.  It measures 50″ long and about 3″ wide.  Since it fastens with overlapping velcro, I would presume the maximum waist or hip size would be about 48-49″, but it shouldn’t be too hard to add some sort of extender if necessary.

However, it is very adjustable for smaller hips, down to about 31″.  If you have a child who wants to Zumba, a binder clip or safety pin on the belt should do the trick.

The belt is made of a black microfiber material that’s very lightweight and slightly stretchy.  According to the instructions, you’re supposed to wear it over your hipbone.  I was afraid it would slip or ride up during all the Zumba gyrating, but it stays in place very well.  To make it even more secure, you could fold the “loop” end of the belt under, so that part of the “hook” end adheres to your pants.

To make the remote interact with the Zumba game, just slip it into the mesh pocket on the belt (you have to remove the rubbery remote jacket first, but you can leave the strap attached, and just fold it under the remote).  Like the belt, the remote stays secure, and I like how you can control the game with just the d-pad and A and B buttons, so you don’t have to keep taking the remote from the pocket to point.  And no nunchuck or tangly cords!

Any other uses for the belt?  Well, if you Walk It Out (and if you don’t, you should) then the Zumba belt makes a nice nunchuck holder.  And the belt even has reflective piping around the pocket, so I suppose you could go for an evening walk in it, with your keys or cell phone in the pocket.  Now that’s an exergaming fashion statement.

You can even use the belt to measure your results.  Throw away your scale, and just put a mark on your belt each time you work out with it!


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  1. Very interesting, I am encouraged to try this belt
    out & I have a better idea abt exergames.
    Great option for cold climate inhabitants or busy bodies with limited gym time.

    • Hi, America! Thanks for stopping by!
      I’m enjoying the Zumba game a lot. It beats having to drive somewhere and back, even if the weather is good. 🙂

  2. Henrietta Padilla

    Really enjoy the Zumba workout. Does anyone know where I can purchase more Zumba belts?

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