Scientists have discovered that We Cheer is more fun than Boogie SuperStar

I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my favorite Wii games, Boogie SuperStar and We Cheer, mentioned in this recent article in Wired about how researchers are using motion controlled video games to see how body movements can affect your emotions.  Usually we think it’s the other way around – cringe if you’re scared, pound your fist if you’re angry – but according to the article, research is finding that how you move during a game can change your mood and even make you feel more social, perhaps helping explain how Wii has put the “social” back into gaming.

I especially liked this part:

Preliminary findings reveal that not only is the type of motion important, but the quality of it can be, too. For instance, while both Boogie Superstar and Wii [sic] Cheer involved copying dance moves, participants in tests enjoyed the latter far more than the former, saying they felt constrained and mechanical in Boogie Superstar and flowing and buoyant with Wii Cheer.

I agree that We (not Wii) Cheer has more flowing, dancy moves while with Boogie SuperStar, you stand in one spot making a repeated gesture like crossing and uncrossing your arms or making a “U” figure, sort of like a dumbed-down Just Dance.  But they’re both fun, and I’m happy to see We Cheer get a mass-media shout-out a year after the sequel came out.  Maybe Namco Bandai will consider a We Cheer 3?  That will make me buoyant with joy!


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