Free add-on games for your Kinect! (but there’s a catch)

Kinect Sports pack (courtesy of Rare)

It’s not even Christmas, yet owners of Xbox 360 Kinect who have it hooked up to the internet, are already getting gifts – brought to you by corporate sponsors.  According to Gamasutra, there is now a “party pack” available to download that adds several minigames and mascots for Kinect Sports, and in January, there will be a pack for racing game Kinect Joy Ride, containing 3 new cars:  a Camaro, a Corvette and a Cruze.

The Sports party pack is sponsored by Samsung (more details here)  – note the TV screen in the above picture – and the upcoming pack for Joy Ride, as you may have guessed, is a Chevrolet promo.

The issue of advertising and product placement in video games will always be, well, an issue, but it’s not exactly new.  This one blogger’s opinion: if it brings us good free content, then I’m for it.  I would love to download sponsored add-ons for exergames, like extra dance or cardio routines that might have a banner for a sports drink in the background, or free exergames meant to be used with a particular branded gadget like Bosu or TRX.


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