Kinect fitness reviews are rolling in

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for Xbox 360 Kinect

Now that Kinect fitness launch games Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, EA Sports Active 2, Zumba Fitness and Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout have been out for awhile, and people have had a chance to actually crack them open for Resolution Month, there are some reviews and comparisons coming in.

I like to look to the “real people” reviews on Amazon to get an idea of what games are like in the real world, and so far it looks as if Your Shape is the biggest winner.  I’ve only tried the demo included with Kinect Adventures, in which you punch and kick flying cubes, but it seems to work well and I can see myself working out with this game.  There are some complaints about lack of variety, but downloadable workouts are offered.  Your Shape is also on sale for $34, making it the best buy of the bunch at the moment.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is getting rather mixed reviews.  I guess you have to be a fan of the show to “enjoy” it as it were, but I rented the Wii version and wasn’t all that excited about it.  TBL tries to be a “total package” with recipes and motivation in addition to workouts, which may appeal to beginners looking for a fitness launching pad.  They also offer online play with 2 additional players (Kinect only allows 2 simultaneous players in person).

It looks as if the biggest losers are Zumba Fitness and EA Sports Active 2.  They’re both getting lots of complaints about unresponsive controls and general bugginess (game stalling or shutting down).  EASA2 is now reduced to $60, which isn’t making the people who shelled out $100 happy campers.

Game Informer, on New Years Day yet, posted a comparison of all but Biggest Loser.  It may have been written before EASA2’s bugs came to the forefront, but it’s a good rundown of the different features of each game.


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