ExerBeat for Wii is announced

Namco Bandai, makers  of the We Cheer and Active Life sweaty games, announced an upcoming game called ExerBeat that looks like We Cheer with personal trainers.  It’s compatible with Motion Plus and the balance board, keeps track of calories (I hope it’s more accurate than the We Cheer calorie counter!) supports your Mii and has a feature where you travel “around the world” unlocking new games and places.

The screen shots on IGN only show dancing and boxing type moves using the upper body.  I hope there’s a walking mode; Konami’s been dragging its feet on a Walk It Out sequel, so maybe other companies like Namco or Ubisoft can fill those shoes.  (Via IGN)


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  1. Another fun way to exhaust myself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh! Thanks for posting this, Sue! This looks like one I’ll really like – sort of a We Cheer meets GGD or GGC, perhaps? Yay! I hope they announce a release date soon!

  3. As always, I agree with Sara. I had no idea this was on the horizon. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for commenting! I thought I saw on another site that it was coming in March, but I can’t find it now…and these release dates change all the time, anyway.

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