Free demo of Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is available on Xbox Live

I just noticed today on Xbox Live Marketplace that there is a free playable demo of The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout available for download, so you better believe I jumped on it!  After trying it out, my verdict is:  better (and more intense!) than I expected, though not without its flaws.

The demo includes a short cardio workout with Bob Harper.  First he warms you up with lunge reaches, then bumps up the intensity with punches and slow kicks, then goes all-out with “standing mountain climbers” (I’ve known them as high knee-ups, where you jog with high knees while punching overhead) before cooling down with downward dog and slow bicycle kicks.

Your silhouette is in the lower right corner of the screen on a virtual pedestal that you stay on, after calibrating the Kinect to a part of the room where you have enough room to flail around.  During the exercise, as with Zumba Wii, your shadow is green if you’re doing great, red if you’re not following along correctly.  It also tells you on-the-fly how many calories you’re burning, and gives occasional hints like “Arms higher”.  It can be a little frustrating at first – by the time I was squatting not too low, not too high but JUST right, the exercise was over.  And I have no idea at all how well I did the downward dog.  They should have you turn around first, so you can look at the screen between your legs.

But either I’m out of shape, or some of this stuff is as intense as what they make the contestants go through.  I was pretty out of breath by the time the mountain-climber segment was done, and it was telling me my knees weren’t high enough!  I really liked how the workout made use of total-body, full-range-of-motion moves.  Even when done slowly, they get the heart rate up and test your balance.  There were a couple of water breaks as well; I felt like I should hold my glass up to their water icon or something, so they knew I was hydrating properly.

I’m not really a fan of “workout” games, but I’m impressed with the demos of Your Shape Fitness Evolved (included on the Kinect Adventures disc) and now BL Ultimate Workout.  If you have Xbox Live and Kinect, go get this demo while you can, and grab the Kinect Sports demo too!


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