Xbox Live Gold members, get your free demo of Zumba for Kinect

Zumba Fitness for Xbox 360 Kinect

A free demo of Zumba for Xbox 360 Kinect is available now for download – if you have the paid Gold subscription.   Unfortunately, my one-month trial of Gold has expired, so no Kinect Zumba for me.

Sour grapes department: the Kinect version of Zumba got clobbered by many reviewers at Amazon, with a lot of complaints about Kinect not working right.  (The company tried to fix it with a software update.)  So I’ll keep enjoying my Zumba game on Wii, plus my live Zumba classes.

Maybe I’ll spring for a Gold subscription later on this spring if a Michael Jackson: The Experience demo becomes available.  (Via Major Nelson)


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  1. Does any reader know in round numbers the total calories the you use in a typical zumba session , say 5 mins. I am attempting to create a weight loss program based around Zumba

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