Joystiq previews UFC Trainer, has safety concerns

UFC Trainer for Kinect, courtesy Joystiq

The problem with fighting is that it’s all fun and games until someone gets killed, and a writer at Joystiq who got to preview the upcoming UFC Trainer for Kinect is concerned about couch-potato gamers possibly hurting themselves as they punch and kick their avatar opponents.  But he adds that one of the testers claimed they lost 20 pounds and gained muscle while testing the game, so that’s some good news, or at least a sales magnet.

Detail from the Wii box

The box art is up on Amazon, and it looks like leg straps come with the Wii and PS3 versions.  No additions to your gaming wardrobe (gee, not even a muscle shirt?) come with the Kinect game, but bonus workouts with notable fighters are added to make up for that.


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