Sequel to Zumba Fitness game has been announced, for Wii and more

Zumba – both the game and the fitness franchise it was based on – is a smash hit everywhere, so it’s no surprise that a sequel is coming.  Game maker Majesco has announced that Zumba Fitness 2 is coming this holiday for the Wii, and “another to-be-announced platform in early 2012”.

That could be Kinect, that could be PS3 Move, or it could even be Nintendo 3DS: put the console in your pocket and rack up coins by shaking it for all you’re worth!  Some gamers are wildly speculating that it could even be the “Wii 2” that is supposed to be exhibited this summer and put on the market next year.

Otherwise, it sounds like the same game with new music and stages.  As with DDR and Just Dance, why mess with a successful formula?

Featuring more than 30 hot new music tracks, electrifying choreography, a huge variety of new dance styles and brand new arenas, Zumba® Fitness 2 invites players to dance their way into shape with a fun and proven program.   The successor to the best-selling original, Zumba® Fitness 2 gets players moving with world renowned Zumba® creator, Beto, and celebrity instructors Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant as they guide you through each exhilarating routine ranging in style from Merengue and Samba to Indian and Latin Pop.  The all-new progress tracker adds up calories burned, grades dance styles, and displays trophies, stats and overall rank. Playing in Single Song, Full Class or Zumba Party modes, players will have a blast with this unique dance fitness experience that shapes, tones and transforms their bodies while leaving them with an endorphin high.

Additional Zumba® Fitness 2 Features:

  • Shake it in Style – From fan favorites like Salsa and Reggaeton to all new styles like Bellydance, Axe, Latin Pop and Pasodoble, players can choose from more than 20 dance styles.
  • Customize Your Experience – Select from more than 30 tracks in Single Song mode, take a class designed by Beto, Gina Grant or Tanya Beardsley, or craft your own playlist in Zumba Class mode. Invite your friends to join the fun in Zumba Party mode that supports up to 4 players. You can even take it slow in Learn the Steps tutorial mode before you dive into the choreography.
  • Location, Location, Location – Dance it up in five new, dynamic environments from a Miami Yacht to a Los Angeles nightclub.
  • Superstar Instructors – Dance and interact with top Zumba instructors Beto, Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant. You can even customize each instructor’s outfit with the hottest ZumbawearTM styles.

(Via Majesco)


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  1. I am surprised it wasn’t announced for Kinect.

    Zumba is highly popular with many of my 8th grade students. On Tuesday, we are going to do the 45 minute Intermediate 2 routine.

    I am happy to hear they will be adding a calorie count…as I am curious to see how many are burned in a 20 or 45 minute workout.

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