Exerbeat: the best new Wii exergame you can’t buy in a store?

Exerbeat (courtesy Nintendo)

Exerbeat for Wii was released a week ago, and it looked very promising: a game resembling the magnificent We Cheer series (by the same publisher, Namco) but with expanded fitness-fun activities such as karate and yoga, and a workout calendar.  Early Amazon reviews indicate Exerbeat is living up to its promise, with one reviewer proclaiming it the best yoga game on Wii.  And it’s only $20, so why not pick up your very own copy today at Target, Walmart, Best Buy or even Gamestop (where you can trade in that dud Jillian game while you’re at it)?

Because those stores don’t sell Exerbeat, that’s why!  And neither does any other retail store, it looks like.

We had this problem before with Walk It Out, perhaps the first Wii exergame that could be called a word-of-mouth, “cult” hit.  The only brick-and-mortar stores I ever saw it in were Gamestop and BJ’s, a warehouse chain.  But Exerbeat isn’t even found in a search of Gamestop.com.  Same story with BestBuy.com.  Target, Walmart and Sears do have it online, but not in stores.

Why, I can only speculate.  Perhaps stores believe exergames only sell during January resolution season.  Or maybe they got burned with too many Jillian or Your Shape games left on the shelves.  Or maybe game marketers aren’t doing a good enough job of pushing these games to the moms and grandparents pushing their carts by.  Walk It Out’s packaging, with a happy family on the cover, makes it look more like a kid’s game than a serious exercise game.

Anyway, don’t burn precious gas (like I did) trying to find Exerbeat in a store.  Go get it at Amazon.  Maybe if we vote with our feet (or fingertips) stores will get the message.


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  1. The ratings have been so positive on this so far. Now I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

  2. I picked it up yesterday after having a local store special order it for me.

    It is EXCELLENT!

    Other then a few issues registering movements in aerobics and latin dance, it has been spot on. The boxercising and karate is a blast.

    I love the fact I can make my own workouts (have to unlock it though….I did after I passed Greece).

    I can’t wait to do this with my students.

  3. After 3+ hours of exercising to this game I believe it is by far my favorite exergame ever.

    The boxercising and karate are outstanding.

    I have unlocked many exercises and made it all the way to Denmark in the world tour.

    I just unlocked a 54 minute boxercising routine 🙂

    Just today, I burned 1200 calories in 1 hour 30 minutes of exercise.

    Other then the lack of input on aerobics and some hip hop, this game/exercise program is a GEM!

  4. Lisa and Dennis, thanks for your comments! I’m glad to see Exerbeat getting such good reviews. Maybe stores will pick it up now.

  5. For what it is worth,

    I was in Fry’s Electronics earlier tonight and they had copies of ExerBeat for $20.

    Last night I did the 52 minute Boxercising routine. 3500 punches later I had burned close to 900 calories 🙂

    My arms were sore.

  6. Good to hear, Dennis! (I mean that you saw it in a store, not that your arms are sore)

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