Woohoo! At last, cheerleading is coming to Kinect

Image via Wikimedia

Now that Namco’s We Cheer squad seems to have disbanded, another company is taking up the pom-poms and bringing cheerleading to Kinect with Let’s Cheer.  According to this press release via Reuters:

In Let’s Cheer!, players will learn authentic cheers and competitive routines choreographed by professional cheerleaders. In addition, to ensure ultimate heart-pumping fun, all routines will be set to iconic, licensed cheerleading songs and popular dance hits…

Kinect for Xbox 360 measures players’ body motions, while the cheer voice recognition technology makes certain they stay on count vocally. Let’s Cheer!’s moves include everything from basic motions like the High V, Broken T and Right Punch, to more advanced combination moves like the Blade Cap and Touchdown Sway. Cheer fans will be able to further test their flexibility with jumps like the Toe Touch and Herkie, or activate multi-player mode for a little friendly competition.

Yikes!  I don’t know what a Herkie is but it doesn’t sound easy.  And screaming “Let’s Go Team!” may burn extra calories, but what are the neighbors gonna think?  Nevertheless, the Kinect will allow you to hold real poms instead of remotes, a definite advantage over Wii cheering.

Let’s Cheer is coming this holiday season.If it’s modeled after the dancy and visually-appealing We Cheer games, not the dull and hard-to-control All Star Cheer Squad games, it’ll be a winner.


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