Dance Central 2, and partial song list, has been announced

Dance Central 2

A sequel to Dance Central, the critically-acclaimed dance game for Kinect, has been announced at E3.  Dance Central 2 sounds much the same, but with simultaneous multiplayer, new characters and of course new tracks.  The songs announced so far include:

  • Venus – Bananarama
  • Nuthin on You – BOB featuring Bruno Mars
  • Like a G6 – Far East Movement
  • Bulletproof – La Roux
  • This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
  • Massive Attack – Nikki Minaj
  • Rude Boy – Rihanna
  • DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher

Like the first game, it’s mainly a club/hip-hop focus.  I tried the Dance Central demo on Kinect Adventures, on which you can dance Lady Gaga’s megahit Poker Face, and while it was fun, it didn’t really make me want to buy the game for $40.  But if it goes down into the $20 range after DC2 comes out, I’ll consider it.


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  1. cheap bastard

  2. Wow….you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about….this game is awesome….maybe you’re playing it alone…….

  3. Consider the time, efforts, etc put into creating this game – $40 is pretty reasonable. You are just a miser, and have no appreciation for its value.

  4. Hey if you look at this link on the Xbox Website, you may notice that on the screenshot the dance flashcard clearly states the move ” 9 to 5 “. Could this mean that Dolly Partons, 9 to 5 is going to be included in the Dance Central 2 song list.
    The link :

    Take a look and i hope its true!

  5. I love Dance Central and i can’t wait to grab Dance Central 2 out of game stop! And i love the list of downloadable songs on the first Dance Central. Including Holloback Girl, I Got You Dancing, and I Gotta Feeling!

  6. Play the full game before judging, the game is worth the price you pay for it and more. Pocker face is the easiest dance in the game, and fails to expoit the total game experience, i am a very novice dancer, i really sucked at dancing before playing dance central. Pocker face if you practice a bit you will get the gold star in no time, i cannot say the same as days go by and brick house.

    Very excited about danse central 2 it will be a sure hit, with the multi player.

  7. I just hope On the Floor is on it sounds like fun to me can’t wait for DC2

  8. Lady Gaga’s song is the warmup! Of Course you didn’t have fun.

  9. i cant wait to play dc2

  10. Dear Dance Central 2, you guys should totally consider adding somebody to love by Justin bieber ft usher….it’s a perfect hip hop dance song!

  11. roderick crawford

    i really hope they put a beyonce on dance central 2

  12. you should put party rock anthem in the game

  13. Im gonna just buy a kinect (already have the 360) just for the dance central and dance central 2!! how exiciting.

  14. Big thanks to everyone who’s visiting and commenting! 😀

    I would really like to see a variety of music on DC 2. Not just club and hip-hop and pop, but also country (even 9 to 5!), jazz, rock, etc. I think that’s part of the secret of Just Dance’s popularity: there’s everything from charleston to Christmas in there.

    • the full version of dance central has other non “club and hip hop and pop” dance moves including the charleston and jazz squares…Just Dance is waiving your hands around, whereas Dance Central is a full body experience.

  15. wow 40 bucks is cheep here i payed more the 80 for my dc and it was worth every cent, for some unknown reason aussies have to pay more the double what USA have to pay for games even tho our dollar is worth more then the us dollar :/

  16. I honestly prefer the hip hop dancing. If you want more of a variety, try Just Dance/Just Dance 2. In my opinion, Just Dance’s choreo is a bit silly. I actually feel as if I’m dancing in Dance Central, whereas in Just Dance, I feel as if I’m doing random flailing. MJ: The Experience (Wii) is also better IMO by far than the Just Dance series.

  17. why would they put rock or jazz or country in there ? it doesn’t make any sense…it would make it an awful game…the stuff they have going right now is just fine…though they need to add yeah 3x because that would be EPIC to dance to.

  18. I just hope they have “Taio Cruz” (Dynamite) and Enrique Iglesias songs.. 🙂 can’t wait for this!

  19. the song is good and all but i want more dance move more complicated move and more popin n lockin more neeeeddddd moreeee i dont like lame ez move lol want something fresh something kool

  20. I absolutely agree with Lauren , stick with the hip hop dancing. I bought the just dance 2 (WII) as well and although I had fun with it I disliked most of the song choices and graphics. I just bought the Xbox kinect and Dance Central and I am blown away at how much fun it is and how the dance moves are broken down to learn and it does feel like your really dancing….FANTASTIC…The heck with the WII I’m never going back it’s all boxed up and ready to be sold .If country is what anyone wants then Dance Central Country could be suggested maybe… I personally dislike the bulk of country music and hope that there is no country songs on it. A Lifehouse song might be a nice addition though to add a little contrast to Dance Central 2 🙂

  21. If Poker Face is the only DC song you’ve tried, you’re missin’ out. It’s the first song on the list for a reason-it’s the easiest and most remedial. Buy it used and try it–most stores that carry used games (chains and privately owned alike) have a seven day, no questions asked return policy for used items if you aren’t thrilled with the content.

  22. Got dut Wii eta egin behar duzun guztia dantza.kinect da ere cool.

  23. FlurrBudgerigar

    Songs I want:
    Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and Goonrock
    On The Floor, Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    Dont Wanna Go Home, Jason Derulo
    What The Hell, Avril Lavigne


  24. Just letting you know DC1 is 25 at Target right now I just bought it. First off your name is poop, what does that say about you.
    Sue is not a cheap bastard! Unless you’re rich $40 -$50 for a game is alot of money, that would fill my gas tank.

  25. go here it shows all the songs 1000000% real

  26. My kids and I love the game. I hope they put more reggae. Excited about the songs so far!!!

  27. what about techno songs!?!?!?!

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