Woohoo II! DanceDanceRevolution II bringing doubles back

Happy dance!

Konami has announced the next DDR, DanceDanceRevolution II, and the biggest news, for me anyway, is that DOUBLES IS BACK! 😀

I love DDR doubles (playing on 2 mats, side by side) and was thrilled to see doubles offered in the workout modes of the last two PS2 DDR games, X and X2.  But when DDR was introduced to Wii with Hottest Party, the lack of doubles cooled my enthusiasm, and as three more Wii games went by and no doubles, I figured it had gone the way of the original Xbox.

But my heart leaped when I saw the above screenshot on Konami’s DDRII page!  I don’t know what songs the game will have, if they will also resurrect Edit mode, or what workout mode will be like (plenty of room for improvement there).  But because of doubles, this is on my wish list.  Domo arigato, Konami!


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