How to conquer motion-gaming clutter with fear and giggles

Trimount via Wired, who aren't very flattering

At first it seems like a very practical solution to a multiconsole motion-gamer’s (or his/her mother’s) problem: how to organize that Wii sensor bar, Kinect sensor-bot and Playstation Eye camera that are awkwardly hanging around on top, below and in front of the TV.  A company called Dreamgear, which makes aftermarket video game accessories, has proudly introduced the Trimount, a bracket that neatly clamps all three sensors together for easy mounting above or below a TV, or on the wall.

Peter Walsh, Oprah’s organization guru, would love it – but from the tech geeks themselves, here come the jokes!  Wired is comparing it to 2001’s evil HAL 9000 computer.  Kotaku calls it “terrifying” and likens it to “an angry Wall-E.”  Engadget calls it “Eye of Sauron“, implying that knowing your Tolkien is a prerequisite for visiting their site.  Jokes about Big Brother and snickers about the name “TriMount” are also flying.

On the other hand, Technabob dispenses with the geeky in-joking and lays it out straight:  “Dreamgear Trimount Holds All the Console Crap That Sits on Top of Your TV.”  There you have it!

As a motion-gaming, clutter-conscious mom, I think the Trimount is a great idea.  And it looks like some modern sculpture, even if it is a little scary (a white Your Shape/Fit in Six camera in its belly, in lieu of the Playstation Eye, would help break up all that Darth Vader black).  But the press reaction shows that blending the cultures of gaming with Bed, Bath & Beyond can be risky.


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