Roundup of current exergaming deals

Take a chance on Tony Hawk Shred at Big Lots

Sometimes a good price cut can nudge me to try a game, and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised (such as High School Musical for PS2).  Here are a few current deals, some of which I can vouch for, others, well, read the reviews first…

  • Big Lots is advertising Tony Hawk Shred in a bundle with skateboard controller, for $20 on all platforms (Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360).  Reviews on Amazon are basically, “It’s fun if you’re lucky enough to get it to work!”  I might spring for the Xbox 360 version.
  • Also for $20 at some Target stores, is a bundle of EA Sports Active 2 for Wii, along with a “Target exclusive” of 2 extra bands. Amazon reviews are mixed; again, most complaints seem to stem from hardware problems rather than the game itself.
  • Dance Dance Revolution Universe, the first DDR game for Xbox 360, has appeared at Five Below stores for $5.  Note that it is the game only, not a mat bundle.  If you need a cheap Xbox 360 mat, then here you go…
  • High School Musical Senior Year Dance plus mat for Xbox 360 is $11.49 as of this writing at Amazon. (The price fluctuates; I snagged it a couple weeks ago for $8.99.)  I haven’t tried the game yet, but it seems similar to HSM for PS2 and gets generally good reviews.  But I found the mat to work very well with DDR Universe.  And since DDR Universe has doubles, I may just get a second HSM just for the mat!

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