Call of Booty: Zumba game owns the UK sales charts

Call it the Legend of Zumba.  Here and abroad, the Zumba fitness games are taking over the game consoles much like Just Dance did last year.  It’s been number one in the UK for 4 weeks, which has resulted in an increasingly disgruntled (and funny) series of articles from guy gamers.

Metro’s game bloggerhas called Zumba “one of the most acclaimed games in the history of things called ‘Zumba'” and added, “Sales for Zumba Fitness shot up 43 per cent last week, as flabby wastrels continued to sign up at gyms for the real thing – further strengthening the might of the Zumba Empire.”  Hee hee!

But now that they’ve burned up enough calories tearing their hair and palming their faces, the gamers are starting to embrace the dark side.  Metro later published a feature article, The Year of Zumba Fitness, in which they mull over the divide between what “core gamers” like and what the general public is buying and enjoying.  And Eurogamer has a pretty level headed review of the Kinect version, which concedes that it’s a “bloody hard” workout and fun, but correctly points out the technical failings and asks, why play a Zumba game instead of a workout DVD?

The answer to that, in the states anyway, is that Zumba games at about $30-40 are cheaper than the $50-90 DVD bundles, and if nothing else, you get the automatic workout calendar and the progress-and-unlock-new-levels aspect with the game.  But I think that to “get” Zumba, you need to get out and attend a live class.  Perhaps in the near future, there will be a Zumba 2.0 game that lets you do just that – shake it with a class online much like playing online multiplayer with Dance Masters (which I haven’t done, since no one I know owns it).


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