Woorio Ware? Deepak Chopra meditation minigames coming to Wii and Kinect

If mashing arrows, picking giant noses or seeing Zumba outselling Zelda has you all stressed out, Deepak Chopra’s Leela game promises to get your mind back in balance through meditation, and you don’t even have to leave your console.  From an article on Yahoo:

The game will use the Kinect sensors to guide users through the seven “chakras,” or points along the body that many believe serve as a body’s energy centers. Somewhat like Wii Fit or other games like Flower, Leela will have minigames that get more difficult over time, but it will not have scores or other competitive aspects. Instead, it will be more about learning how to better do the exercises and enjoy the soothing visuals and music. In one exercise called the “root chakra,” players must tilt their hips to seed a plant on the screen. The “heart chakra” has players use their hands to direct fireballs that destroy rocks to release hidden gems.

I’m not into yoga (and have yet to try the yoga on Exerbeat) and remain skeptical of “brain training” claims by games.  But this sounds interesting, like a cross between Kinect’s Body and Brain Connection and the types of games where it’s not so much a “game” as exploring a virtual world, like Kinectimals, Endless Ocean or even Walk It Out.  Just plain dumb fun, like any good game.  Leela is supposed to be released in November.


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