Nickelodeon Dance Wii game, on the rocks, at Worldwide Day of Play in DC

On Saturday, I took the kids to Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play event on the Ellipse in DC, across from the White House.  The main attraction was the appearance of Nick stars such as Victoria Justice and boy band Big Time Rush, and that caused a big time rush of 50,000 screaming fans and harried parents to show up.  I was the only one of us to spot Victoria through the mob; she looked tiny enough to blend in on any grade school playground.

Nickelodeon Dance for Wii

One of the booths at the event had demos of the Wii game Nickelodeon Dance, set to come out this fall.  As one would imagine, it looks like Just Dance with Nick characters and Nick music.  We didn’t get to play it, but it looked like the players were having fun with it.

There were many other booths promoting soccer, baseball, tennis, rock climbing, national parks, and the ubiquitous Zumba.  At most of them, the biggest activity was waiting in line.  But the activity that my kids found the most engaging, was this unofficial one…


Near the first aid station, there was a big pile of ice cubes that had been dumped on the ground.  It wasn’t very hot out, so my kids and others who discovered it began sliding in it, jumping in it, grinding them into mud and even throwing them.

See, even Nintendo-bred kids know how to play!  Next year, they should just have a big ice/mud field and let the kids go for it.


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