From the $20 bargain shelves: DanceMasters for Kinect, Nickelodeon Fit for Wii, and more

Kinect games marked down at Target

Many of the $50-60 games that launched last year with Kinect are now being cut to the $20-or-less level.  Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout and Sonic Free Riders, both of which got moderately good reviews, are now at Big Lots for under $20.  Yesterday I noticed that Target has those titles as well as DanceMasters and Game Party for Kinect.

Game Party got poor reviews, but I really like DanceMasters.  It got upstaged by Dance Central in both reviews and sales, but I think it’s kind of an apples-and-oranges difference.  While DC is a very Western club dancing style with American hit songs, DM is more of a stagy, performance “Japanese hip-hop jazz” dancing style with more intricate choreography, plus it puts YOU right up on the stage next to the performers.  Anyone who likes DDR music (which makes up DM’s soundtrack) and enjoys watching Emi and the other DDR dancers, ought to give DanceMasters a try at this price.

Also on Target’s $20 shelves, which occupied a good section of wall, is Nickelodeon Fit for Wii.  This exergame for kids has gotten good reviews at Amazon, with many parents saying that it offers enough intensity for grownups to enjoy doing it along with their tots.  It was launched at a pricy $40, but now that it’s been cut 50%, maybe more families will give it a try and hopefully be pleasantly surprised like I was with Kidz Bop Dance Party.


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