Turn kettlebells into a Kinect minigame with Your Shape 2012

I haven’t yet seen a console exergame that incorporates one of my fave workout tools, kettlebells, but one of the greatest things about Kinect is that you can hold onto whatever you want.  Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 has several fun warmup minigames, and one of them, “Pump It Up”, has you inflating and exploding giant balls for 2 minutes.

You’re supposed to put your arms out and flap them like a bird during this game, but I discovered that it also works with kettlebell swings!  Check it out:

The kettlebell (I’m using a 12k) doesn’t show up for some reason, and it’s hard to tell, but I am leaning back on my heels.  Swings make a great warmup for my glutes and legs and lungs, and with this minigame, there’s no dread.


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  1. this is awesome. thanks for the tip! I’ll be giving this a go tomorrow! 🙂

  2. ijust triedthis

    thank you!

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