Walk It Out for $100?

Catch Walk It Out before it ambles into the sunset

Two years after its release, Walk It Out is still one of the best and most unique Wii exergames. It still has dedicated followings of fans at Facebook and Sparkpeople, and rave reviews continue rolling in at Amazon.

But sadly, the game has been discontinued by Konami, and now it’s looking like Amazon’s supply has finally dried up. If you want to buy it new from one of the third-party sellers, the price ranges from $100 all the way up to $999 – and the top price was nearly $4000 at one point! Even the used games start at around the same price as a brand-new Kinect game.

If you haven’t yet gotten this wonderful, addicting exergame, run don’t walk; supplies are limited.  Right now the best place to check is Gamestop; many stores throughout the US have used copies in stock for under $20.


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  1. Wow, I’m so glad that I got it when I did back in December! Your blog is where I found out about it and I love it. Thank you!

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