Be a junk food ninja and rack up “good” calories with Junk Fu exergame for Kinect

Junk Fu, or Nightmare Before Christmas (courtesy

I love making virtual fruit salad with Fruit Ninja Kinect, a downloadable, active version of the popular app.  It makes a great warmup, finisher or just “something” when I don’t have time to do a “real” workout.

Now there’s another downloadable game coming up where you can punish those bad foods instead of healthy ones.  Junk Fu, coming January 30 on Xbox Live, looks kind of like a full-body Guitar Hero with empty-calorie targets like giant candies that you kick and punch as they approach on a giant conveyor belt.  Instead of points, you score “calories”, which I doubt match your actual calories burned, but it still looks like a fun way to burn them.

The game is reminiscent of an add-on to Kinect Sports, Calorie Challenge, where you compete against anthropomorphic, rather creepy food items like milk cartons, celery and chocolate bars (at least they offer a balanced diet), also for calorie-points.  This raises the question, does playing with your virtual food ultimately raise your hunger hormones, or lower them?

Celery jock from Calorie Challenge, courtesy

For me, it depends.  Strolling past one of the Burger Champ outlets in Walk It Out tends to whet my appetite, but an attack of the giant mutant food makes me feel more like Little Audrey with her tummyache blues.  Perhaps that’s a good thing!

(Via 123Kinect)


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