Just Dance 4 on Wii U opens up possibility of live personal training

Critics are all over the place on Wii U after seeing the new console demonstrated last week at E3.  But like it or not, there’s no denying that just as the original Wii brought motion gaming into Everyfamily’s rec room, Wii U has something that really no other console has: a way for one person to be the emcee, dealer, dungeon master or whatever you want to call it, and direct the actions of the other players in the room via the Game Pad controller.

This could lead to a whole new genre of party video games: game-show-based games like Jeopardy! or Password (no more sending people out of the room or awkwardly point-and-click-typing answers), team games like Pictionary, or card games where your “hand” is on your pad (unfortunately, there’s a limit of 2 Game Pads playing simultaneously).

The Just Dance series also was a breakthrough, getting classrooms and office parties everywhere to just dance.  It was a given that the series would continue this fall with Just Dance 4 on all platforms.  JD4’s game on Wii U has an exclusive new mode, Puppet Master, where one person using the Game Pad selects dance moves on the fly that other players have to obey.  Just imagine a late-night, well-lubricated “Simon Says”!

But I envision more than just YouTube lulz from Puppet Master.  A live personal trainer, or PE teacher, could use the Game Pad to direct one or more people through a workout by selecting exercises on the pad.  They could pre-record a workout, and modify as needed, like if the trainee doesn’t look like they’re going to make it to 25 pushups.

I doubt that Just Dance 4 has pushups, but Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 does, and both games are made by Ubisoft, so…


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