NBA Baller Beats seems to be a slam dunk

NBA Baller Beats (with ball) for Kinect

Of this year’s crop of dance and exercise games, NBA Baller Beats (Xbox 360 Kinect only) is without a doubt the most different.  It’s like playing Guitar Hero with a basketball:  bounce a ball to the beat of hit songs, following a scrolling guide visual.  The scroll includes authentic basketball moves like pump fakes and behind-the-back, and even comes packaged with a genuine basketball.

As with Zumba, Walk It Out and other “where no game has gone before” games, I was skeptical about whether this could really work.  Well, according to Amazon and other reviews, it scores!  Already there are some gameplay videos on Youtube, such as this one from Kinect Addict, bouncing to the beat of the new party anthem, “Party Rock Anthem”:

Now I couldn’t bounce a ball off the broad side of a barn, but I want this game anyway.  The soundtrack includes some real treats (for me) such as Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” and Onyx’s “Slam”, not just the same old Rihanna and Katy Perry stuff.  And look how that guy is sweating and panting at the end.

Unlike some other moms, I’m ready to play ball in the house!


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