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Free app turns your Wii balance board into an electronic scale


Got a Wii Fit balance board just lying around, collecting dust? A free Android app called FitScales will repurpose it into an electronic scale that shows your weight on an Android smartphone, via Bluetooth. As a bonus, it will sync with Fitbit and RunKeeper.


New Wii bundle includes Sports and Resort for $130, but you still can’t plug in a mat

Fall 2012 Wii bundle

Nintendo wants to move a few classic Wii consoles before the new Wii U comes out next month, so they’ve put together a bundle that includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort (both on one disc), a Motion Plus Wiimote and a nunchuck, all for a suggested retail price of $130.  It should be on store shelves in a couple of weeks.

Be aware that this is the horizontally-oriented Wii that was introduced last year, that eliminated the four controller ports of the original Wii, so don’t expect to play DDR, Active Life or Cyberbike on it.  It can still be used for many other fun games, though, like the Just Dance series, Walk It Out (using a balance board or Wiimote), the Gold’s Gym games and many more.

(Via Joystiq)

Wii U console, Just Dance 4 for Wii U, and Your Shape 2013 will be released on Nov. 18


According to My Nintendo News, the Wii U game console will go on sale November 18, as will 22 Wii U games.  Those games include Just Dance 4 for Wii U, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 which is only coming on Wii U, it looks like.

Wii U will come in two versions: a “basic” version with 8gb of internal memory for $300, and a “deluxe” version with 32gb of memory for $50 more.  Both versions have HD and a Game Pad controller, and are supposed to play all Wii games as well (except for ones that require plug-in controllers, like DDR, Active Life games and Cyberbike).  You would need to buy a Wiimote and nunchuck separately.

Wii Fit U, the successor to Wii Fit, isn’t included on the Nov. 18 launch list, but Walmart is preselling two Wii U bundles that include the console, a Wiimote and a choice of games (including Wii Fit U) for $100 more than the console by itself.

Brand new Xbox with Kinect for only $99!*

Xbox Live Marketplace

Xbox Live Marketplace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*There’s a catch – why wouldn’t there be?  According to Joystiq, some GameStop and Best Buy locations are selling Xbox/Kinect console bundles, normally priced around $250-300, for only $99 provided you also sign up for Xbox Live Gold for 2 years at $15 per month.

If you do the math, which Joystiq did for you, you will actually end up spending about $60 more over the next 2 years under this contract, than if you bought the bundle at retail plus two 12-month XBLG cards for $50 each.  So basically it’s the same marketing trick as rent-to-own or building up debt on your credit card:  pay less now, but more in the long run.

It should be interesting to see how well this cell-phone pricing model works for Xbox.  Just FYI, you can still do a lot on Xbox Live for free, without paying for the extra Gold subscription.  You can still buy downloadable add-ons and songs for games like Just Dance 3 and Dance Central, use Your Shape‘s online workout-tracking features, and download free demos of Kinect games (you may have to wait a week or two for them to become available to non-Gold members).

Wii Fit U will come with a pedometer and make use of Game Pad tablet

Nintendo just announced details of their new Wii U console and Wii Fit U game, both supposed to hit the market this year.  Wii U (which will also work with all previous Wii games and controllers, except DDR and mat games) has a new Game Pad tablet controller, and Wii Fit U will make use of both the pad and the Wii balance board.  In the video they streamed today, they demonstrated a luge game where you sit on the balance board and steer with your hands (similar to the pipe slider game in Active Life Outdoor Challenge), a trampoline game, and a cute “dessert” game where you walk on the balance board and balance the Game Pad like you’re delivering a tray full of desserts.

Then they showed off a pedometer, which looks like the old Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokewalker in new shades of white and green.  As with the Fitbit, the Wii Fit U game will record your steps and activity throughout the day, including calorie burn and altitude.  Neat!  I was hoping to see some sort of integration with 3DS which contains its own pedometer sensor, but this is a lot handier than carrying a 3DS in your pocket all the time.

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