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Free app turns your Wii balance board into an electronic scale


Got a Wii Fit balance board just lying around, collecting dust? A free Android app called FitScales will repurpose it into an electronic scale that shows your weight on an Android smartphone, via Bluetooth. As a bonus, it will sync with Fitbit and RunKeeper.


Wii Fit U will be released in the first half of 2013


Joystiq reports that the Wii Fit version for the Wii U platform, Wii Fit U (clever name!) will be coming in the first half of 2013.  The game will come with a pedometer in addition to the familiar balance board, so maybe they’re waiting for weather to be nice enough for walking here in the northern hemisphere.

New U Yoga and Pilates game is out, for Wii

A Wii game called New U Mind Body was released this week.  The game has already been out for several months in Europe and the UK, and it has several good reviews on the UK Amazon site.  It’s balance-board compatible, and looks like it has the same sort of live-action format as My Fitness Coach 2 (which didn’t get as well reviewed as its predecessor).

And it looks like that’s about it for workout games until next year.  I’m surprised to not see any games on the schedule for National Shape-Up Month, January.  Maybe the game makers figure that’s when everyone will be at the gym.

Jillian zaps the evil food/drug overlords in her latest Wii game

The third installment of the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum franchise has been announced (hm, isn’t there supposed to be only one ultimatum?).  In JMFU 2011, there’s the usual boot-camp mode where digital Jillian gently guides you through a few hundred pushups, but now there is something new: a story mode.

Which side is she on, anyway?

According to the press release:

For the first time, Fitness Ultimatum 2011 features a story-based Adventure mode where Jillian and the player use their fitness skills and nutrition expertise in a series of missions to shut down Cureall, an evil food and drug corporation set upon world domination.

A while back, I opined that a story mode was one thing that fitness games did not need, and Kotaku seems to agree.  Well, since the release of Walk It Out, I’ll amend it to say that a story and characters CAN help keep an exergame interesting, as long as it is kept simple enough to be able to follow while your heart is racing and you have sweat in your eyes.  Simply pointing and shooting at trees, ok; piloting an F-15, no.  The fitness part should still be the “meat” of the game, although an exception can be made for something like Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver where the Pokewalker is an optional, supplementary thing.  (A lot of moms, like me, are collecting watts for their kids.)

But the Jillian storyline seems a little backward; with her fat burners and promotion of processed food on Biggest Loser, sounds like she’s already been assimilated by the Cureall.  If you can’t beat ’em…why not just have a storyline where you help Jillian dominate the world by selling all the DVDs, supplements and fake kettlebells you can?  Like an exergaming version of Monopoly.

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout is coming

Here’s a one-two punch from the makers of Just Dance – hot on the heels of Dance On Broadway, comes Gold’s Gym Dance Workout!  This sequel to the boxercise game Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout says it is “the first dance game specifically dedicated to fitness and weight loss.”  The game will be balance-board compatible, will include minigames that look similar to Active Life or EAS Active, and will allow you to track your play time, calories burned and BMI.  (No word on online play, though.)  The songlist includes:

  • Just Dance
  • Forever
  • I Will Survive
  • Good Vibrations
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
  • I’m Too Sexy
  • Material Girl
  • Stronger
  • Jai Ho
  • Smooth
  • Salome
  • Oye Como Va
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Heart of Glass

Wow, by the time Zumba for Wii comes out, if it ever does, there may be a whole shelf of Wii dance workouts down at Gamestop.

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