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Fit in Six (Wii/PS3) and Dance on Broadway (PS3) arrive this week

PS3 Move owners will get both new fitness and old dance this week, as Fit in Six and Dance on Broadway are released this Tuesday.  Fit in Six will also be available for Wii, in either camera bundles or game only (I think that’s the same camera that came with Your Shape).

PS3’s Fit in Six has an attractive feature: you can upload your own music to the console’s hard drive, and work out to that music.  Now that’s a feature that ALL video workouts need!


Dance on Broadway coming to PS3 Move

Dance on Broadway, a showtunes version of the Just Dance series for Wii, is now coming to the PS3 in March.  Of course, it will be compatible with the new Move controllers.

I have Dance on Broadway for Wii, and I admit I haven’t played it very much.  While “Time Warp” and “Cabaret” are fun, I’m just not very familiar with most of the other tunes, plus the fact that “Fame” is repeated from Just Dance, feels a bit stingy.  It’s the music that really drives these games, and I find myself gravitating to Michael Jackson a lot more when I want to bust a move.

MJ, incidentally, will be coming to Xbox 360 Kinect next month.  No word on whether Dance on Broadway will do the same.

Trailer for Dance On Broadway Wii game is up

There’s now a trailer on YouTube for Dance On Broadway.  Looks very fun!

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