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DDR will be returning to Xbox 360

Konami has announced that DanceDanceRevolution (one big word now) is coming in the first quarter of 2011 to Xbox 360.  There are already 3 games for that console under the subtitle “Universe”.  This new one will be adding a non-stop endless mode and a challenge mode in which the diagonal arrows are added in – sounds similar to the new PS3 version of the game.  It doesn’t look as if there will be Kinect support, though.

Amazon is already listing the game as $50.  That might just be a placeholder price, but if that’s the final price for the bundle, that’s a pretty good deal.


Zumba, DDR, Just Dance Kids, EAS Active 2 and Jillian get game this week

This week may be your best chance to actually run into other exergamers and dancers among the Call of Duty fans in the video game section, as no fewer than five fitness/dancing franchises have new games competing for your console budget.

First, of course, DDR!  The latest Wii DDR game, DanceDanceRevolution (one word), is out, along with the first-ever DDR game for the PS3.  The PS3 game has a cool-looking mat and a new 8-button mode that uses the corners.  It also makes use of the new Wii-like Move controllers and the Eye camera.  No word on any new DDR for Xbox360 or (sniff) PS2.

Also heating up the dance floor are the new Zumba game for Wii, and Just Dance Kids.  Zumba Wii, which comes out a couple weeks ahead of the Zumba games for PS3 Move and Xbox360 Kinect, includes a waist or hip belt in which you store your Wiimote so it can properly gauge your booty-shaking.  Just Dance Kids is another entry in the sleeper-hit Wii series, for parents who’d rather have their six-year-olds dance to Wheels On The Bus than Rump Shaker or Baby Got Back.

Meanwhile in the virtual gym, EA Sports Active 2, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2011 are elbowing for room.  EASA2 is available on Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 Kinect and looks a lot like its predecessor, with the addition of a forearm heart rate monitor and online support.  On Wii only, there’s also a more testosterone version of the game, NFL Training Camp, which features the same HRM and training drills like the pros.  (No indication of whether the Wii football can be incorporated.)  Finally, Jillian Michaels is back with her third Wii game, Fitness Ultimatum 2011, which includes a new “mission mode” in which you save the world from high fructose corn syrup.  Okay, let’s put some sweat on those controllers!

Lifetime TV features a video of DDR’s new choreography mode

The upcoming fourth DDR game for Wii, called simply DanceDanceRevolution, was featured on Lifetime’s morning show The Balancing Act.  In the video, the host demonstrates the game’s choreography mode.  It’s similar to the Hands feature of the previous DDR games for Wii, in which you held your Wiimote and nunchuck while dancing, and shook one or the other whenever a special symbol rose up to the top of the screen.  But in the new mode, instead of simply shaking the controllers, you have to make actual motions with them, such as stir-the-pot or even freezing one arm up in the air.  It reminds me of the underrated bargain-bin gem Boogie SuperStar.

Talk about a balancing act!

I would imagine that playing Boogie SuperStar and DDR simultaneously is hard enough, but I’m really impressed that the host can play AND chat with the Konami rep at the same time, while hardly missing a beat!

Partial songlist revealed for upcoming DDR

The new DDR games (simply called DanceDanceRevolution – they added no subtitle, just took out the spaces) are supposed to hit the street in less than a week, yet Konami has been dragging their feet on revealing a song list.  Finally, they revealed a partial list (thanks Bemanistyle):

“According to You” – Orianthi
“Animal” – Ke$ha
“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga
“Battlefield” – Jordin Sparks
“Celebration” – Kool and the Gang
“crushcrushcrush” – Paramore
“Dancing in the Street” – Martha and the Vandellas
“Hey, Soul Sister” – Train
“I Got You” – Leona Lewis
“I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
“Love Like This” – Natasha Bedingfield
“Love Shack” – The B-52’s
“Missing” – Everything But The Girl
“My Life Would Suck Without You” – Kelly Clarkson
“Need You Now” – Lady Antebellum
“Plastic Beach” – Gorillaz (feat. Mick Jones & Paul Simonon)
“Rio” – Duran Duran
“So Fine” – Sean Paul
“Venus” – Bananarama
“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge

Original Music by KONAMI Japan
“Rescue Me” – NAOKI feat. Fracus
“dreaming can make a wish come true” – jun & NRG Factory feat. Anna Kaelin
“Private Eye” – atomsoak ft. cerol
“Top The Charts” – J-Mi & Midi-D feat. Hanna Stockzell
“Let’s Get Away” – NAOKI featt. Brenda Burch

So far it looks like both the Wii and PS3 games will have the same songs, which is unusual.

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