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Wii Fit U will be released in the first half of 2013


Joystiq reports that the Wii Fit version for the Wii U platform, Wii Fit U (clever name!) will be coming in the first half of 2013.  The game will come with a pedometer in addition to the familiar balance board, so maybe they’re waiting for weather to be nice enough for walking here in the northern hemisphere.


Future successor to Walk It Out: Rebound It Out?

ExerGame Lab posted this cool video from a Japanese university, showing a rebounder used in a Walk It Out-style game. The video shows how it works, with infrared sensors under the rebounder picking up the foot movement (possible use for Kinect?) and making the exerciser walk forward, backward or even fly by jumping in the virtual world. Adding the ability to go airborne would be a fantastic upgrade to the game!

Turn kettlebells into a Kinect minigame with Your Shape 2012

I haven’t yet seen a console exergame that incorporates one of my fave workout tools, kettlebells, but one of the greatest things about Kinect is that you can hold onto whatever you want.  Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 has several fun warmup minigames, and one of them, “Pump It Up”, has you inflating and exploding giant balls for 2 minutes.

You’re supposed to put your arms out and flap them like a bird during this game, but I discovered that it also works with kettlebell swings!  Check it out:

The kettlebell (I’m using a 12k) doesn’t show up for some reason, and it’s hard to tell, but I am leaning back on my heels.  Swings make a great warmup for my glutes and legs and lungs, and with this minigame, there’s no dread.

Self-defense game for Kinect isn’t just fighting


An upcoming exergame for Kinect, Self-Defense Training Camp,  sounds a lot like UFC Personal Trainer which was released this summer.  But this game focuses on teaching self-defense techniques, which includes cardio conditioning, minigames to test your reflexes and even meditation to help keep you calm when facing an attacker.  This is one game that hopefully you won’t have to “use” in real life.  “If you’re getting strangled, you have less than 2 seconds to react” – yikes.  Self-Defense Training Camp is supposed to be released November 8.

Active Life Magical Carnival is coming for Wii

Active Life Magical Carnival screen detail

In an age of hands-free, mat-free exergaming, the Active Life series is keeping both the ol’ foot mat and the ol’ Wii console very much alive.  Amazon has a page up for a fourth entry in the lively family series, Active Life Magical Carnival, coming in October.  There are no screenshots or other details, but the title sounds very kid-friendly, probably a harbinger of Wiis being put out to pasture with the little brothers and sisters when the Wii U arrives.

Update: Here are screenshots and a description, via Namco Bandai.

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