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I wanna be a Fruit Ninja!

Frooooot salad!! (courtesy

I just got the Internet back at home after more than a month without, which is why my posts over the last month have been sporadic and short – guess I’m to blame for McDonalds doing well in the stock market lately.  Sorry food police, but I’ve been lovin’ their iced coffee and free wifi.

Now once I get my wifi at home set back up, I’m gonna celebrate by downloading Fruit Ninja Kinect.  This popular smartphone game is now available on Xbox Live for $10, and there’s also a free demo.

Fruit Ninja is exactly what the title says:  you hack up flying fruit.  A lot of reviews are assailing it for being too simple and repetitive for home use, but I think it sounds like a heckuva workout – and I love other slashing and chopping games, such as Exerbeat’s karate and Gold’s Gym Dance Workout’s karate and sword-slashing.  Fruit Ninja Kinect allows 2 players, so my kids can join in the hacking instead of having to wait their turn.

$10 sounds like a great deal for a shoulder/core workout that also raises awareness about good nutrition.  McDonalds out, fresh local peaches in!

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