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Shop your workout room!

Yesterday I did another MTM workout at the park.  As part of my warmup, I did Turkish getups using a 12-pound body bar – another great idea I got from MTM’s Sarah Rippel.  Normally this core-strengthening exercise is done with kettlebells, but really they can be done with any weight, or even no weight at all.

Windmills and side presses can also be done with a body bar in addition to kettlebells.  I had gotten the body bar on sale some years ago and it had been collecting dust in my workout room until Sarah gave me those great ideas; now it is one of my most-used pieces of equipment.

Instead of shopping for new fitness gadgets that I can’t afford, I’ve been “shopping” my workout room and brainstorming new ways to use old stuff.

thighmasterGot a Thighmaster?  Here are some ways to exercise with it that I bet Suzanne Somers never thought of:

  • Do lateral jumps over it for 1 minute
  • Take it outside, throw it as far as you can, and sprint to retrieve it.  Repeat 20 times.
  • Throw it as far up into a tree as you can, and climb up to get it
  • Hang it over a tree branch, and do some pull-ups from it

Just some Friday fun 🙂 but seriously, look around your workout room and see if you can bring your old gadgets back to life.


Back to the bands

I’ve been doing sort of an “intuitive” exercise program for the past couple of weeks, where I just do what I feel like doing. Funny thing is, when I give myself permission to skip dread-factor workouts like pushups, I don’t mind doing them as much.

Yesterday I did some band exercises from Sarah Rippel’s MTM program. (She just completed a tri!)  Bands are fantastic for the core.  One of my favorite exercises from MTM is the dowel iso-hold.  Sarah demonstrates at about 1:00 in this video. I held the hold for 90 seconds on each side, and on the second round, my arms were shaking!  Try it, you’ll like it.

MTM workout day, and Wii DDR on sale

Today I did MTM again, after warming up with one-hand kettlebell swings and deadlifts with 40 pounds on my t-handle.  I’m up to doing one-minute work intervals on MTM with 30-second rests.

In gaming purse-strings news, DDR Hottest Party 2 game/mat bundle is on sale for $35 today at Amazon.  I have the first Hottest Party, and while it was great to see DDR come to the Wii, I was a little disappointed at the lack of doubles mode and training mode, as well as the confusing menus and really irritating anouncer.  I tried HP2 at a friend’s house, and they’ve improved some things, like adding a training mode, making this the DDR game to buy for Wii.

If you’re new to DDR, I would suggest you go right to the HP2 options menu and shut off the hands and gimmicks until you’ve gotten used to the footwork.  That’s another improvement they made to this edition; the game will save your preferences.  Now if the next Wii DDR, coming this fall, will add doubles, I’ll have happy feet 🙂

MTM workout day

Today I did a workout from MTM, an ebook by Sarah Rippel of Outside The Box Training.  This program uses bands (I got a red one and black one from EliteFTS), a dowel (I use my 12# body bar) and something to step up on, so it’s ideal for outdoors – I can just grab my bands and bar and go!  My older daughter is in a “day camp” this week where they make movies, so I dropped her off at the school and did the workout in the ball field out back.

School yards are among my favorite places to work out.  Not only do they often have ball fields and tracks, the front is usually dotted with shady trees, hills and benches.  Do some warmup stretches under a tree, sprint up/walk down a hill a few times to get the blood pumping, step up on a bench or pull up on a tree branch to oil those joints, and you’re ready to go!

MTM has some fantastic band exercises for the core.  Here is one of them, a staggered contralateral band press, demonstrated by Sarah:

A lot more fun than crunches – and a lot more effective!

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