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Fit in Six (Wii/PS3) and Dance on Broadway (PS3) arrive this week

PS3 Move owners will get both new fitness and old dance this week, as Fit in Six and Dance on Broadway are released this Tuesday.  Fit in Six will also be available for Wii, in either camera bundles or game only (I think that’s the same camera that came with Your Shape).

PS3’s Fit in Six has an attractive feature: you can upload your own music to the console’s hard drive, and work out to that music.  Now that’s a feature that ALL video workouts need!


Michael Jackson Wii gameplay of “Billie Jean”

For all you Gen-Xers, it’ll be 1983 and Thriller-mania all over again when Michael Jackson: The Experience is released as a video game (on all platforms) this fall.  Here’s gameplay video of “Billie Jean”:

Wow!  Once again we can trip all over ourselves trying to moonwalk, just like a quarter-century ago after the Motown special was aired.  This is the MJ who ought to be remembered, rather than all the nonsense that came afterwards.  I’m really looking forward to this, maybe even more than Just Dance 2, or Kidz Bop, or – heck, if I had his fortune, I’d have my own arcade, too!

Dance Masters trailer: gotta get up to get down

There is now a trailer for the upcoming Dance Masters game for Xbox 360 Kinect:

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Gold’s Gym Dance Workout is coming

Here’s a one-two punch from the makers of Just Dance – hot on the heels of Dance On Broadway, comes Gold’s Gym Dance Workout!  This sequel to the boxercise game Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout says it is “the first dance game specifically dedicated to fitness and weight loss.”  The game will be balance-board compatible, will include minigames that look similar to Active Life or EAS Active, and will allow you to track your play time, calories burned and BMI.  (No word on online play, though.)  The songlist includes:

  • Just Dance
  • Forever
  • I Will Survive
  • Good Vibrations
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
  • I’m Too Sexy
  • Material Girl
  • Stronger
  • Jai Ho
  • Smooth
  • Salome
  • Oye Como Va
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Heart of Glass

Wow, by the time Zumba for Wii comes out, if it ever does, there may be a whole shelf of Wii dance workouts down at Gamestop.

Gamespot previews Kidz Bop Dance Party for Wii

With  Just Dance being the most successful third-party (i.e. not made by Nintendo) Wii game ever, we can expect lots of imitators in the dance genre.  To me, that is awesome news.  One thing that sets console games apart from workout DVDs is that games seem to be able to license far better music.  Thus games allow us to dance and sweat along with popular hits, often by the original artists, rather than the tuneless canned music that fitness DVDs are often stuck with.

Now the Kidz Bop franchise is entering the dance game market with Kidz Bop Dance Party.  Kidz Bop, for anyone unfamiliar with their commercials that have been saturating kid TV for nearly a decade, is a series of CDs where kids sing “cleaned-up” versions of popular hits.  Kidz Bop Dance Party for Wii is scheduled for release in September, but Gamespot has a pre-review that sounds very promising.

From the review, it sounds like gameplay is very similar to Just Dance: hold the remote in one hand and mimic the dancer on the screen.  But this game adds the customization features of We Cheer or Boogie Superstar by allowing you to import your Mii and dress it up with clothes and accessories bought by the points you won.  In addition, you score points based on how appropriately your avatar is dressed, so the highwaters-with-white-socks look might score big with with Thriller, but best hit the wardrobe before switching to Lady Gaga.  So this game might teach your kids to either dress for success, or shop till they drop.

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