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Future successor to Walk It Out: Rebound It Out?

ExerGame Lab posted this cool video from a Japanese university, showing a rebounder used in a Walk It Out-style game. The video shows how it works, with infrared sensors under the rebounder picking up the foot movement (possible use for Kinect?) and making the exerciser walk forward, backward or even fly by jumping in the virtual world. Adding the ability to go airborne would be a fantastic upgrade to the game!


Walk It Out for $100?

Catch Walk It Out before it ambles into the sunset

Two years after its release, Walk It Out is still one of the best and most unique Wii exergames. It still has dedicated followings of fans at Facebook and Sparkpeople, and rave reviews continue rolling in at Amazon.

But sadly, the game has been discontinued by Konami, and now it’s looking like Amazon’s supply has finally dried up. If you want to buy it new from one of the third-party sellers, the price ranges from $100 all the way up to $999 – and the top price was nearly $4000 at one point! Even the used games start at around the same price as a brand-new Kinect game.

If you haven’t yet gotten this wonderful, addicting exergame, run don’t walk; supplies are limited.  Right now the best place to check is Gamestop; many stores throughout the US have used copies in stock for under $20.

Cyberbike is out, with a decent review

The Cyberbike exercise-bike-controller-plus-game for Wii is now out, and one reviewer on Amazon likes it, despite an uncomfortable seat and a little trouble getting started because the switch wasn’t turned on.

The review ends on a high note with:
“All that being said, I had a blast riding through the cartoonish country roads and skidding along mine train tracks. Time flew by.
I really think this game would appeal to anyone who enjoys Walk It Out.”

Now THAT pushes my “want” button! It’s $200, but maybe Santa will be good to me this year…

Cyberbike, a “Bike It Out” for Wii, is coming this month

The Wii seems like a natural for an exercise bike, and now there is one on its way to these shores.  Cyberbike Magnetic Edition, which has been for sale in Europe since last year, is due to go on sale on June 28.  So far the only place to preorder is Toys R Us, where it lists for $200, free shipping (plus tax if applicable).

That’s comparable to many exercise bikes, and the fact that you can play Mario Kart and other games (the bike comes with a game) makes it less likely to become a clothes hanger.  Since the Cyberbike plugs into the Wii’s Gamecube ports, similar to a DDR pad, I’m curious if it can be made to work like a dance pad for Walk It Out.  If so, being able to bike all over Rhythm Island is worth a couple C-notes to me.

5 fun family exergames that won’t break the bank

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!  While you’re digesting turkey and pumpkin pie, you don’t want to get heartburn thinking about either all the money you’ll be spending on kids’ gifts, or all the tedious exercise it’ll take to burn off the holiday feasts.  Why not kill two birds with one stone:  pick up a bargain-priced exergame that will have the whole family both sweating and smiling.  Here are some of my favorites:

Hyper Dash

Wild Planet Hyper Dash. This exergame doesn’t even require a TV screen, and you can play it indoors or outdoors.  See my review here.  There is a newer version out, Hyper Dash Extreme, which picks up targets with each “hit”.

Track & Field Challenge

Track & Field Challenge. I found this mat game at Five Below for only $5.  Based on the classic arcade game Track & Field, T&FC is plug-and-play, no console needed – just add batteries and plug it into your TV.  It contains 10 different minigames that involve running and jumping on the mat, can be played by 2 players simultaneously (some games allow 4 players taking turns) and even counts calories based on your weight.

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