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Download Wii Fit U free with purchase of Fit Meter

Wii Fit U for Wii U is out now, sort of. Nintendo, which seems to be looking for creative ways to sell more Wii U consoles, has an offer that is good from now till the end of January: if you already own a balance board from the original Wii Fit, and buy the new (okay, repurposed) Fit Meter pedometer for $20, you can download the full version of Wii Fit U for free.

If you’d rather buy the bundle with board, meter and game disc, it is coming next month.


Wii Fit U will be released in the first half of 2013


Joystiq reports that the Wii Fit version for the Wii U platform, Wii Fit U (clever name!) will be coming in the first half of 2013.  The game will come with a pedometer in addition to the familiar balance board, so maybe they’re waiting for weather to be nice enough for walking here in the northern hemisphere.

Wii U console, Just Dance 4 for Wii U, and Your Shape 2013 will be released on Nov. 18


According to My Nintendo News, the Wii U game console will go on sale November 18, as will 22 Wii U games.  Those games include Just Dance 4 for Wii U, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 which is only coming on Wii U, it looks like.

Wii U will come in two versions: a “basic” version with 8gb of internal memory for $300, and a “deluxe” version with 32gb of memory for $50 more.  Both versions have HD and a Game Pad controller, and are supposed to play all Wii games as well (except for ones that require plug-in controllers, like DDR, Active Life games and Cyberbike).  You would need to buy a Wiimote and nunchuck separately.

Wii Fit U, the successor to Wii Fit, isn’t included on the Nov. 18 launch list, but Walmart is preselling two Wii U bundles that include the console, a Wiimote and a choice of games (including Wii Fit U) for $100 more than the console by itself.

Wii Fit U will come with a pedometer and make use of Game Pad tablet

Nintendo just announced details of their new Wii U console and Wii Fit U game, both supposed to hit the market this year.  Wii U (which will also work with all previous Wii games and controllers, except DDR and mat games) has a new Game Pad tablet controller, and Wii Fit U will make use of both the pad and the Wii balance board.  In the video they streamed today, they demonstrated a luge game where you sit on the balance board and steer with your hands (similar to the pipe slider game in Active Life Outdoor Challenge), a trampoline game, and a cute “dessert” game where you walk on the balance board and balance the Game Pad like you’re delivering a tray full of desserts.

Then they showed off a pedometer, which looks like the old Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokewalker in new shades of white and green.  As with the Fitbit, the Wii Fit U game will record your steps and activity throughout the day, including calorie burn and altitude.  Neat!  I was hoping to see some sort of integration with 3DS which contains its own pedometer sensor, but this is a lot handier than carrying a 3DS in your pocket all the time.

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